Do Your Kids Have Spring Fever?

Are your children bouncing off the walls lately? Are they getting sassier or fighting with one another? Have you noticed they are having difficulty concentrating or completing their homework? They may have a classic case of spring fever! Every year during the spring, I commonly observe an increase in energy and a variety of new behaviors in kids. I also listen to parents and teachers who voice concerns about [...]

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How to Talk with Children about Tragedy

Do you wonder how to talk about tragic events with your children? With media seemingly broadcasting such events 24 hours a day, we are exposed to much more information than ever before. We are less able to protect our children from the news of tragedies, allowing our children exposure to disturbing information at earlier ages. This requires adults to provide thoughtful communication, support, and reassurance to children when tragedies [...]

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Present and Pleasant

Do you find yourself multitasking to get through the day? Is your to-do list longer than you will ever accomplish? Do you frequent your phone to pick up messages, check your calendar, or read something interesting? If you answer yes to any of these, I’ll bet your family and friends have noticed as well. Many of us lead active lives requiring us to multitask throughout the day. Although this [...]

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Is My Child Normal?

One of the most common questions I hear when a parent enters my office to talk about their child is “Is this normal?” We often wonder if our child is developing and behaving in typical kid-fashion or if there is something more we should be identifying. Children move through innumerable phases as they develop. Some phases appear normal and some appear odd. Some phases are so wonderful that parents [...]

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