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Adults of all ages will face moments in life when they feel stuck or overwhelmed. Therapy offers support and guidance to understand and overcome those times.  The therapeutic process helps identify goals you wish to achieve such as feeling more like yourself, creating satisfying relationships and managing stress and anxiety.  Common concerns include anxiety, stress management, grief, depression, relationship concerns, parenting strategies and life transitions.

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Children are precious human beings in little packages.  Each child develops at his or her own pace with a unique personality.  Child therapy is centered around play and activities while enhancing emotional awareness, verbal expression, and problem solving.  Children are filled with emotions and learning how to identify and express them.  Common concerns include anxiety, social relationships and behavior challenges.

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Adolescents are incredible young adults.  They enjoy having a space to express themselves unconditionally and to be heard.  They are growing into their identity, facing tremendous stress and challenges and learning how to navigate life.  Common concerns include anxiety, stress management, depression, social relationships, relationships with family members, transitions and plans for life beyond high school.

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Couples may pursue therapy to enhance their relationship or to seek healing and strength.  Therapy will provide guidance and support to improve qualities of a relationship such as: communication, enhancing trust, balancing autonomy and togetherness, learning to identify harmful habits, healing wounds as well as increasing love and affection.

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Are you looking to take the next step to enhance the quality of your life?  When you find yourself facing a transition or trauma in your life, or having relationship concerns, feeling blue or anxious, meeting with a therapist can help you discover how to rise to the next level of being your best self!  Dr. Wendt is passionate about supporting people to understand what they are facing in their life and how to find their own strength to reach their goals.

What to expect in during your first session

Your first appointment will be an opportunity to meet with Dr. Wendt and begin a therapeutic relationship.  Time will be spent discussing the documents you completed including your consent to therapy, HIPPA regulations, insurance and payment information.  You will gain an understanding of the therapeutic process as well as making appointments and billing procedures.   The first appointment will focus on gathering information, learning about the concerns that motivated you to come to therapy and to begin outlining the goals you would like to work toward.