Meaningful Connections

Do you have meaningful connections in your life? Do you feel uplifted after a conversation with a friend? Are interactions with strangers at the store pleasing to you? Humans have a core necessity to connect with others. These lend meaning and happiness to our lives. Reflecting on our daily encounters can help us examine whether the interactions we have with others constitute meaningful connections. Countless interactions occur with family, [...]

Meaningful Connections2018-08-22T11:48:48-07:00

Building Confidence in Your Child

As I sit and watch a class of children in gymnastics I reflect on how important it is to for children to develop skills that build confidence. All humans strive to gain skills and develop pride in their abilities, making it important to begin fostering this development in children. Each child is unique in their interests and abilities and sometimes it feels tricky to help them to find their [...]

Building Confidence in Your Child2018-08-22T11:49:29-07:00
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